Poseidon Speaks

I am the water. I am the unceasing roar of the sea. I am the hidden, unfathomable depths of the ocean. I am the constant unstoppable flow of the river. I am the ceaseless fall of the rain on leaves, on houses, on deserts, on forests. Yes. I am the water. I am Poseidon.
I plunge into the deep inviting water, feeling it swirl over my head, inviting me deeper, and further in. My hair splays out in long tendrils, each one caressed gently by the turbulence.
I rise swiftly to the surface, carried by a pillar of water. I am now longer in the pool where I started. I let the new water swirl around my body, feeling it accept me.
The pillar of water has reached the surface now, and I marvel at the beauty of my native land. The tree-covered islands that surround me glow in the golden sunset. The warm bay glints in the flaming lights.
I relax, and the pillar of water below me falls away and disperses. I lie on my front and watch the life in the water below. Fish dart around looking lost and confused. Algae hang in the currents, floating where the waves take them. Whole species of bacteria evolve, multiply and die in seconds. Slowly, I bring my head up and stare out across the rocking waves.
A chill wind falls on my bare back, and I shiver. I clothe myself with water, feeling it solidify over me to form a dark blue dress, the colour of the sea. I hold out a hand, and I am holding a trident. I am ready.

I stare out across the waves. I know my home is around here somewhere, but there are hundreds of islets in this lake. I will just have to search.

It takes just half an hour to find the floating platform on which I was born. I round a tree-covered island, and I see it. A burning strip of wood, covered in ruins that could, once, have been houses. Frantically, I use my control over water to put out the flames, but I know instinctively that no survivors remain. And I scream, and I cry, and the thunderclouds cry with me, drenching the strip of wood that I once called home, and splitting it into a thousand pieces, each one destined for the water’s bed. I can do nothing but watch as the rain trickles down my cheek, mingling with my tears and falling from my eyes and landing in the ope sea. I make a vow, silently, that I will never use my power again. If it couldn’t save my parents, then it has no use at all.


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