Once I knew you

Once I knew you,
But I don’t now.

It’s funny how people change,
Like a shifting tide, on a lonely beach.
What you thought would be solid,
has gone.
The sandcastle,
Washed away.

Did you ever know me?
Were you ever aware?
Or were you just thinking,
Of another step,
Up an imaginary ladder.
The hierarchy of society.

What would happen,
if that wasn’t there?
If everyone really was equal.
Not like the politicians tell you.

And what would happen,
If – when – you reach the top?
Like a king,
Lord of all you survey.
You aren’t a trend-setter.

If there was a storm,
And the ladder broke.
Would you be the first to put it up?
Or would you rejoice,
In freedom?

Once I knew you,
But I don’t now.

I wrote this about a friend of mine. He used to be a very good friend of mine, until he found better people. You may find it a bit confusing – sometimes it talks about the ‘ladder of hierarchy’ and other times it talks about the loss of my friend. I think I started it with my complaint, and the answer came out.

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