This Page is Left Intentionally Blank

This page is left intentionally blank.

Blank as when it was created,
Untouched by destructive pen.

Blank, uncluttered,
An empty space,
Ready to be filled with new ideas.

Blank as if it were a blackboard,
Freshly wiped,
In preparation for the lesson.

Blank, free,
Open for anything.
A celebration of beginnings.

This poem is what it says it is; a celebration of beginnings. I came up with the title while reading the GCSE 2009 exam poetry anthology. A poem had been removed from the anthology because it was about knives, and in its place was the peculiar heading: ‘This page is left deliberately blank’. And I thought ‘What a good poem that would make’, and this poem followed.

For more information about the anthology ban (which was nothing short of rediculous) try this.


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