Doctor Who – A Small Complaint

Did anyone see Doctor Who on Sunday? I watched it on catch-up (Just one of the many reasons that I would recommend Virgin over Sky any day) last night (Monday). I was impressed with the ending – well thought out if a little OTT on the emotion side – but watching the enemy, I felt nothing but pity. Pity, not for the Collonists, but for the actors, that they could have been humiliated by playing such low-grade, simplistic characters.
The start was clever – I admired the flashes of the website that interspersed the action. Then suddenly we flashed to two the two gardeners. One of them takes a bite of a carrot, starts shaking uncontrollably, and what do you know? We’ve just found our enemy. That was quick. No surprises in this episode then…
Then, and I’m sure I’m not the only person to have noticed this, the plot unfolded to become almost exactly like the episode where we see the Doctor and Martha trapped on a spaceship that apears to be on a collision course with the sun. (42) We have a group of humans that have been taken over by some type of living organism (a sun and water, the juxtaposition is quite ironic…) and forced to destroy or transform the rest. Is the BBC running out of ideas? The captain was played with dexterity, but we saw the same level of commitment in 42. And the heroic destruction of the spaceship by the pilot? Please! While everyone else (except the woman, but that’s explained away somewhere) gets transformed in moments, he had time to switch on the auto-destruct, moan about his abuse, and then press a big red button that just happens to be by his hand?
I will concur that the ending was well played, and the Doctor’s sudden realisation in his own self-importance was fair enough, although the plot device behind it – suddenly deciding that he could change time just in time to save the colonists and make for dramatic viewing – was a bit simplistic. I wish it could have been extended – what would have happened if that turmoil had taken place over an entire series. Never mind, it was not to be. Artistically, I enjoyed the flashes of news that we saw, especially the contrast between them and the first time we saw them. The suicided was incredibly predictable, but I don’t actually think that I minded that. It was enough to see the Doctor re-discover himself.
The worst thing about the episode was definitely watching, and experiencing, the deterioration of the TV show from the well-written, thought-provoking episodes like the episode that took place on almost entirely on a tiny hover-ferry in the middle of a strange Midnight desert, to this, and worst, the last episode of the previous series, where we see the stars going out. Not even in some twisted imaginary universe is it possible for the Doctor to drag an entire planet across a galaxy. And bees???
Never mind. Perhaps (We must hope against all odds) the new Doctor will bring something new to the series. Or perhaps he will be just another David Tenant. And a slick, hair-gelled tacky one at that. I’m not holding out much hope…
However, news about the Christmas episode looks fairly promising. Apparently, Freema is back as Martha, and, according to one source, all eleven Doctors will be apearing in some form on the show.

In a completely unrelated twist, I’d like to apologise for my prolongued absence. I have been away due to exams, but I should be back for good now.


One thought on “Doctor Who – A Small Complaint

  1. Doctor Who may be the most underrated sci-fi show of all time. Matt Smith has actually added quite a bit to the role as far as wild energy is concerned, but he’s no David Tenant. Then again, that’s the point, isn’t it?

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