The Rock of the Ancients (part 1)

They stared down at the prisoner, their faces shadowed by the long, black hoods. The prisoner chose not to respond, and instead fixed his eyes upon the undulating ball of smoke that was deciding his fate. It finished deliberating, and moulded itself into a thin grey line. The court held its collective breath. Suddenly, one of the corners folded down. The verdict had been decided upon. The prisoner was guilty. He breathed out shakily. He had always known that they would find him guilty, but the judgement and the atmosphere had made it seem so final. He stood up slowly, and turned to look at the greatest of his hooded captors. The black figure rose, and removed his dark cowl. Underneath was an impossibly old man, with thin, deep lines on his face. He called out to the court the punishment that had been chosen.
“Ma’il Naseet, you have been found guilty of heathenism by the court of the ancients. This is their punishment. You will be taken to the Ancient Rock, where you will receive the penalty of death.

(The Rock of the Ancients – Part 2)


One thought on “The Rock of the Ancients (part 1)

  1. I have to tell you this…

    I was just at an ancient rock, around it was ancient grounds. Being knowledgeable in the rock sciences, I withdrew my awareness of respect for the lands, and dove head first in the enthusiasm of herkimer and removed the boulder with the help of my frenzied friend chizeling away with my screwdriver and pulling away of the root that the land kept it locked under.

    She used our only water bottle to clean the surface to feed her greed of the sight of treasure found.

    I picked it up and the wet sand turned bloody rusty red all down my hands, shirt and pants, as I carried the boulder and moved it to her home.

    As she was home, she worried, would there be a followed curse from taking from ancient grounds?

    I reassured, “No, because, I asked my ancient natives to reveal to me a treasure to take home to explore and they did. I thanked them for the gift of unnearthing. You can bypass cursed spells if you are related. So, no worries.”

    She relaxed. But, my ancestors visited her and mystically enough, she was able to take a picture of the same chief carved in the rock.

    She panicked thinking she did something wrong by taking from the ancient place. I reassured that she look at the picture’s smile.

    Pretty fascinating.

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