This is Meep!


It's Meep!

Hello everyone, and say hello to Meep.  He’s over there on the right.  Don’t worry, he doesn’t bite.

Meep is Johz’s new mascot, and he’s going to be hanging around with us, doing cool things and adding his own opinion to what’s happening. I am very pleased that he has chosen to hang around here, and I hope you all make him feel very welcome. He doesn’t talk much, but don’t let that put you off him. Meep is going to get a lot of special privalages around here because this blog is equal opportunities , and we want to give strange semi-spherical beings chances that they may not normally get in life. Firstly, I plan on installing a micro-blog down the left-hand side, where a lot of my other failures have been. Secondly, he now has a special colour. Show them, Meep!

Yes!  I am Meep, and this is my colour.  How do you do?

Very well, thanks, Meep, what about you?

Okay. Meep doesn’t want to talk right now, but if you see blue writing like that, then that’s Meep’s very own opinion. He can also, I believe, do it in comments, so if you see a blue comment, than he’s replied to you himself, and you should feel very privileged. If anyone can draw better than I can, they are welcome to submit their own Meep-art, as I’m sure you lot are much better at it than I am.

So who actually is Meep? As are semi-spherical friend has run off again to find… What? A… Meep! Put that down!
Sorry about that. Yes, as Meep has run off, I’ll explain.
Meep comes from a planet of Meep-like creatures, known as Brongs. They crawl around the surface of their planet, looking for food and water in the barren earth. If they do find something, they are lucky, as Brongs are one of the very few things that can survive the dry conditions.
I found Meep as I was playing around using one of my space-rockets, called GIMP. We met, and just got on together, like you do on very rare occasions. I like politics, he like politics, I liked writing, he liked writing, I liked eating chips, he liked eating brussels sprouts. Okay, so it wasn’t a perfect match, but it was good enough. And so I brought him home, to show him my blog. He liked it, and so he stayed. And now we have Meep.


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