A thought about paedophiles

As you may or may not know, I have joined Nationstates, a free online multi-player decision making game. For those not familiar with it, the idea is that you make decisions on certain issues that you are given daily. These issues will be presented to you as a brief introduction, and then three opinions, one of whom’s advice you choose to take. Max Barry (the creator) explains it in more detail in his FAQ.

Well, for this post, I had planned to talk a bit about one of these issues, as many of them are fairly relevant to real life. In fact, I’d even got a couple of issues prepared, ready to dissect, when along came this. Now, for those of you who are to lazy to navigate all the way over to the nationstates forum and read the post, this is what it is about:
Some person has come out publicly (or at least as publicly as you can get on the internet) and told the world that he is a bisexual pedophile. However, and he states this very clearly, he does not molest children, and thinks that things like that are not good.
So what’s up? My first thought was troll. A troll is a term for someone who makes up nonsense to fool other people, and, fair enough, this does sound quite strange. However, not so, and many reputed members have backed this up. Apparently, this is not a troll. So is it just a sad, lonely person, sitting behind a computer, shouting for attention? Well, this could be so, and it wouldn’t be the first time. One of the dangers of the internet is that you really do have no idea who the person you are talking to actually is. So if we take this viewpoint, we would expect to see half-hearted attempts at an explanation, strange arguements as to why this person is still an acceptable member of society, and the like. But no, again, it looks like we have been proved wrong. Our pedophile is neither a troll, nor an attention seeker. Which leaves one alternative, and I get the impression that subconsciously, I have been ignoring this idea, but as I work through the possibilities, it becomes the only one left. We have to come to terms with the fact that this person – this pedophile – is a real, living, breathing child-lover, sitting on the internet, living out his life.
Obviously I can’t say anything about his family, his friends, what he does each day, because I just don’t know. But so far I think four people have come out as pedophiles, and we can’t just give in and say that all of them are evil, child-snatching rapists. We have to come to terms with the fact that sometimes the most evil thing about someone is the way they have been demonised.

I mean, look at the internet. It is no small source of fetish material. The ubiquitous rule 36, or whatever it is called, is proof of that. And, if there is a fetish for everything else, could it be possible that some people, a minority maybe, but still, a few people do lust after children in the same way that most other people lust after catgirls, dog rape and Japanese manga? Is it, and I hardly dare write these words, normal? Just another thing in this mucked-up life we live in?
I can’t tell you your thoughts on that. What you think about pedophilia is up to you. But, and this there is no doubt of, pedophiles still exist. And while I deplore child pornography, how many pedophiles actually find or make it? And how many of them choose – bravely, perhaps – to ignore the feelings bottled up inside them, and instead have to watch/listen to/read about the media turning them into demons, when, just perhaps, they are better people than we give them credit for.

Hi, everyone!  My first chance to give my own comments on Johz’s opinions.  Well, I think, if he likes children, what’s so wrong with that?  I like children.  You like children.  Everyone likes children.  That’s why they have children on all sorts of adverts and stuff isn’t it?

Er…  Meep?

Yes?  What do you want?  I haven’t said anything wrong have I?

Well, not quite.  Meep, do you know what a paedophile is?

Well…  Not really.  Aren’t they just someone who like children?

Well, yes, but not quite like that.  Never mind, go ahead.  I’ll tell you more about paedophiles when you’re older…

I’ve just remembered rule 36: No matter what it is, it is somebody’s fetish. No exceptions. Appropriate, huh?

And if you are looking for me on Nationstates, I’m here. Send me a message if you’ve got a nation, and I’ll gladly say hi. If there’s enough of us, who knows? We could start our own region, and end up ruling the world!


6 thoughts on “A thought about paedophiles

  1. I don’t understand the pedofilia, unless it was to accomplish a brutality of occult magic. I don’t and will never understand, nor accept this brutality and wonder why you can tackle this topic.

    But, one topic I can tackle is the 1 million people a year that go missing in US alone, nevermind the UK from whence you write (or proxy server used). One such reason is unspoken in public sectors. But, can be blamed upon this science of greed:


  2. Hey Johz! Nice site.

    I saw this post as well. Very…strange. In a world of censorships, where there’s more ‘can’t do’s’, than ‘can do’s’, this seems wrong, and immoral at first glance. Looking deeper into the post however…maybe it’s not. As long as he doesn’t act on it, I see no reason to harass him or anything. If he does act, I’ll be one of the first calling for his head.

    • Of course. I would be the second, at least. But the point is that it isn’t the paedophilia itself that is the problem. It’s the action upon said paedophilia. The same applies to any subject.

      BTW, I’m glad to see you’ve found your way here!

  3. Agreed with both Johz and Twigica. It should be noted that paedophillia/pedophillism (depending preference), is legal in every nation on the planet. Paedophillia is simply the attraction to pre-pubescants, not the act of child molestation, which, obviously, is illegalised as child molestation.

    As long as one does not act on these urges, then why persecute them?

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