Why I’ve got to vote BNP (and also why you shouldn’t)

BNP - the only evil, rascist party that's worth supporting!Recently (I won’t be more specific because I’m one of those really irritating people who makes a massive show of being all security conscious, even though I’m not old enough to have much to keep hidden) I celebrated my birthday. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I am now a sixteen year old. Pity me please. But that’s not what I want to talk to – or at, in my case – you about, even though it would make an interesting tangent.
The days that surround my birthday are some of the most patriotiotic days in England. We start the festivities with the Queen’s Birthday. As in the proper, actual presents-wrapped-up-in-sparkly-wrapping-paper (if she still gets to do that as the Queen) date of birth for our current monarch. Really, what is England without it’s monarch? Just a smaller, more argumentative, more irritating version of America. Next comes the birthday, and death-day, of our greatest bard, William Shakespeare. Yes, good ol’ Will, without whom we would never have had such words as ‘alligator’ and ‘rumination’. Thirdly, on the 25th, it is St George’s day, and he, really, is another quintessentially British character. Not that he actually ever came to the shores of Britain, but still, he is a jolly British character, eh?
So why, you may be asking, do I (or you I suppose, if you’re doing the asking) have to vote BNP? Well, I lied. I don’t really have to vote BNP. In fact, as some of you may have realised, I can’t, at least for another two years. The point I am trying to get across is about patriotism.
Patriotism is, supposedly, dead. It might as well be. It isn’t. But it might as well be. Patriotism has moved, from being the product of the people of the country, in a rightful, loyal pride of their country, whether they were born there or whether they moved there, to being a tool in the hands of politicians. And which politicians use it the most? The BNP. Which is a shame, because I’d like to be quite a patriotic person. My birthday’s in the right place, and I am a loyal supporter of my country, but I just don’t want to be in any way aligned with the evil, bigoted, racist views of the BNP. I just want to be patriotic.
I, personally, welcome immigration, although I do accept that completely open gates probably wouldn’t be plausible. I have seen the benefits that it brings to our communities. Immigration works. The BNP don’t. If anything, it should be them we are exporting.
I think what I’ve been ranting on about here is this: Patriotism has moved from being good to being bad. This is wrong. So do be patriotic, if and when you can, in your own ways, whatever country you have come from, live in now, or will live in in ten years’ time. But hate, with all your hearts, anyone who dares use patriotism for their own agendas.

I’m really sorry. This was meant to come out before the election, but I never had the time. I hope you can still enjoy it, or at least think about the issues I’m talking about. With our current hung parliament there may be another election just around the corner, in which you can show your patriotic pride, and kick the BNP out for good. Again, sorry. I’ve got a backlog of posts, so you’ll probably see a lot coming out soon.


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