I don’t know why we parted.
But we did.
Truthfully? I blame myself.
My cotton wool balls tenderly,
Their soft warmth spreading,
Stretch out towards you.
Would I have kept you?
Would I have saved a friend?
Or not?
Shadow upon shadow, a dim,
Greyer-than-black mist
– rain not falling –
Falls itself upon my outstretched life.
Midnight’s blackest hour was
never so dull as this company.
Yours is lost. I defer to this.
You can keep the teddy bear.

I suppose I ought to provide some explanation of the ‘teddy bear’ line. In drama at the moment, we are preparing a drama performance for our final exam. In it, one of the characters, after taking a teddy bear off his younger son, dies. One of the central parts of the piece is his funeral scene, where the child dramatically tells his father that he can keep the teddy bear. How cute.


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