Freedom, Finishes, and… Extra Maths?

Before I start, I’d like to dedicate this post to Conoga. Not because you have inspired me, helped me, made me realise who I am, or anything interesting like that, but because you reminded me that I was neglecting this blog somewhat. So I’m going to blame this post on you! Thanks, though.

I suppose I ought to mention why I’ve been away for so long. Not as an excuse of course. Merely as a… Reason. The answer is that I have been doing a lot of exams recently. A lot of a lot. In fact, I think I’ve done, not including modular exams, almost thirty different papers. Woah. That’s an impressive thing to be able to write.
You might have guessed it already: I’ve been taking my GCSEs. These will, apparently, affect my entire life. I can’t be doing things like that at the age of 16, can I?
But whatever about that, because, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I HAVE FINISHED!!! At last! Can I hear a cheer, people?
This, however, means that I have also finished school. And, as I refuse to get Facebook, so I’ll probably never see many of my friends again. Excuse me for a minute while I remember them. There was the one who smashed my head against a window. (Yes, a friend…) There was the one who gave me the name Johz. There was even the one called Geoffrey, although he will never admit it.
So fair you well. I wonder, dear friends, if our paths shall ever cross again…

Okay, you can look back now. I’ve stopped being sloppy.

So now I’ve finished school, there is a massive gap left, that is, apparently, called ‘freedom’. I haven’t seen much of it yet. After sampling a few days of this so called ‘freedom’, I can tell you that it is the most oppressive, tyrannical thing you will ever experience. Either that, or far too full of Star Trek episodes. (Look, it was either that, or Jeremy Kyle…)
So far, my list of things to do includes:

  • Washing the toilets.
  • Selling my mother’s stuff on Ebay.
  • Watering my mother’s allotment.
  • Tidying my room.
  • Cleaning under the stairs.
  • Extra Maths.

Yes, you heard me right. School is finished, end of lessons, so now I’ve got to do extra maths.
The reasons for this are… Complicated. Basically, out teachers forced us to take maths GCSE half a year early, and since then, I haven’t done any maths at all. I’m now planning on going to a grammar school’s Sixth Form college, and do maths and further maths. Fantastic.
Which means that I need to catch up. Also, this grammar school expects its students to take maths and advanced maths at GCSE level anyway, so I’ll be behind them to begin with.

So that’s my predicament. No more school does not equal fun, frolics and something else beginning with ‘f’. Possibly freedom. No. It makes life even worse. I need something to do over the next ten(ish) weeks. And I need it fast. Any suggestions?

I haven’t been entirely truthful when I said that the reason for my neglect was exams. It was mainly exams, but the exams then finished, and… well… I got side-tracked. Sorry. I’ll make sure I do better next time.

Ever heard the curious case of Phineas Gage? I found this today, and it is probably one of the best retellings of the story that I have ever heard. I must subscribe to these guys.


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