What a Long Time it has Been…

It’s been a while, eh reader? You’ll have noticed the new theme – yes, I’ve been decorating… Also, WordPress, in all their semi-omniscient wisdom, have seen it fit to bestow on me the right to offer you the chance to ‘like’ ‘share’ ‘tweet’ ‘digg’ generally send my posts across the twittersphere, the digg-o-globe and, presumably, the Facebook-o-circle. Yes, reader, go, spread the word: There is a new – or at least not very famous – blogger on the scene, and he’s exactly the same as all of the other blogs out there, except maybe not quite as good. It’s true. I can’t even do pictures very well.
So, new term, new school year, new school even. (I think it might also be Jewish New Year, but don’t quote me on that.) What is happening in the crazy land of Johz?
Well, I’ve moved schools, as my old school has run out of years for me to be in. The new school however, goes all the way up to Year 13! That’s right the way up to the age of 18, at which point I assume that I will be thrown out of my house to go and get a debt, which, I hear, is what universities are for these days.
Interestingly, I am abandoning my comprehensive ways, and going to a grammar school. Yes, I know, and very weird it is too. For some odd reason, instead of doing rugby in PE, I’m doing ‘rugger’ in ‘games’! What on earth is ‘rugger’, anyway? Still, I suppose I brought it on myself.
Also, exam results! Yes, those dreaded things! Not too badly here, a few A* grades, but mainly As, and a D in Physical Education to match my D in Citizenship. Not too bad, overall, but I know that, had I worked harder, maybe I would have acheived more?
On top of all this, I have just started the Bible in One Year, a Soul Survivor initiative, whereby they have mixed up the Bible a bit, and split it all into daily chunks. The idea is that we all start on September the first, and Mike Pilivachi will finish on August the thirty first, with the rest of us having given up at various points along the way.
Joking aside, this is actually a very good idea. I mean, I call myself a Christian, but I’ve never really had the chance to make my own mind up about what the Bible actually says, and, being as the Bible is a rather large cornerstone of the Christian faith, I feel that I may be missing out slightly. I’d recommend you try it to, especially if you’re an atheist trying to argue that we’re misguided fools. At the very least, you’ll be able to know our weaknesses…
Finally, in the grand round-up of all things Johz, I feel that, so far, I appear to have neglected perhaps the most important thing…

I T ‘ S – M Y – B I R T H D A Y ! !

Well, it’s not my birthday, it is merely the first aniversary of this blog, and it isn’t for about a month or so yet. However, if you can think of an absolutely epic-ly wonderfully awsome way of celebrating this momentous occasion, please, I would love to be able to hear it.
You can tell I’m excited. I don’t think I have ever used the word awesome in my life.


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