Well excuse me…

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These guys are cool... Except when they're dealing with Nokia.

You know, there’s a lot of great things about WordPress.  Really.  There are far more than, say, Blogger, which fails at a lot of things.  But really guys, surely a half-decent app isn’t beyond your scope?

It started recently when, upon finding the WordPress for Nokia application (from here) I decided to download.  It would be useful, I thought, to have a WordPress application on my phone that would allow me to edit and create posts, deal with comments, and even sort out the sorry state of my page arrays.  So I downloaded it.  I opened it immediately, mainly because it told me to, and started my exploration.  From what I’ve seen, the WfN app is a really nice app.  I feels good, it has a good selection of features, it works with the phone’s system.  I liked it.  So I closed it down, ready to use properly when I might actually need it.

That was where my troubles began.

I had even set it as a shortcut on my home screen.  I found the time to grab my API key – to see my blog’s stats – and opened the application again.

It failed.

It hung perpetually on the opening screen.  You know, the sort of ‘loading’ one, where it sort of waits for a couple of seconds before letting you through to the main menu?  Well it didn’t let you through to any sort of menu, be it main or rather substandard.  So I tried again.  You know.  A mechanic, a hardware designer and a software designer are going down a hill when the brakes and engine suddenly stop working.  The car rolls down the hill.  When the reach the bottom, they get out and decide what to do.  The mechanic looks around the car, then kicks it thoroughly.  The hardware designer pulls out an antistatic device and whacks it with a screwdriver.  The software designer suggests that they all push it to the top of the hill and see if the same thing happens again.  Long story short, it happened again.

I’m aghast.  Mainly because I like the sound of aghast as an emotion.  But also because the app was shaping up to be a really nice app.

So I looked on the Ovi Store to see if anyone else was having this problem.  They were.  So I looked on the WordPress for Nokia homepage, in the hope that this might have some answers.  The first page is fairly promising, so I clicked on FAQ.  I kid you not, two months after the original post on the WordPress.com blog, I was greeted with the words ‘Stay tuned for the frequently asked questions.’  Yes.  That was all.

So I clicked on the forums.  It didn’t look promising.  My problems had been noted.  Once.  Two months ago.  Number of replies?  None.  To their credit, the developers had attempted to answer some questions, although usually by saying that they were looking into the problem.  Being as answer rate was approximately 45% on a total of nine problems, some of which, from my glancing over, appeared to be much the same problem, I was slightly disappointed.

But I want to end on a high.  So what am I going to do?  I’m going to hit publish.  I’m going to tell the developers at their blog.  Then I’m going to bed.  Hopefully things will look better in the morning.  Good night.


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