A Modern Parable

Explorer Scouts

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Once upon a time there was a scout group.  It was a very enjoyable scout group, which ran many camps every year, and attracted many different people from a range of backgrounds.  It wasn’t massive, but it wasn’t tiny, indeed, much like Goldilocks‘ bowl of porridge, one could describe it as ‘just right’.

Then things started changing.  A number of people moved up to the 13+ Explorer Scout section, and at a similar time a new leader arrived, full of ideas, promising new things.  But the new Explorer Scouts were lazy and unenthusiastic.  They turned up, but made little effort to join in.

The leader grew disillusioned.  He began to put more and more time into university work, and less and less time into preparing activities.  Camps went from regular to rare to never.  Indeed, some nights only a couple of people would turn up.

People soon started dropping out.  When the younger scouts moved up they too quickly lost interest, and fell into the harmful downward spiral.

Eventually even the leader quit, work offering him placements in far flung places, and scouts offering him nothing but disappointment.

The group continued to meet without a leader, but, with no-one to fill in the forms and sign on the dotted line, they were soon forced to hunt for a new leader.  And no-one came forward.  After all, who’d lead a group who were notorious for not doing anything?

Eventually, with no leader, and few members, the group was disbanded.  Maybe some people went to other groups, but more likely they just left disillusioned with the entire scout network.  And that was it.  The end.


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