My New Law

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Having just written a very nice new post, WordPress told me I needed to write another one. I explained that my USP was apathy, and that meant the fewer posts the better. WordPress explained that the idea of a USP was to be a Unique Selling Point, with an emphasis on selling. I explained that my readers liked my style. WordPress asked what readers. I stormed off in a huff at this point.

Anyway, to cut a long, and probably quite beautiful story of reconcilliation, inner courage and obsessive anthropomorhisation short, WordPress suggested that I write about the law that I would enact were people ever so silly as to put me in power. Which I thought quite interesting.

Let me get one thing straight. I would not simply enact a law. Laws are one-a-penny these days, and I don’t want to be helping that hyper-deflation by adding my own. My ‘law’ would most likely be termed an initiative, were it put into place. A scheme, although that has connotations that suggest I’m plotting something dastardly. I wouldn’t do that. Least of all to you, dear reader.

My scheme would be in education. It would encourage two main subjects. Computing and Modern Foreign Languages. Unlikely bedfellows, but that’s the way it rolls.

Foreign languages would be compulsory from the beginning of Key Stage 2 (Year 3, ages 7+) as part of the normal school curriculum. It should continue to be compulsory until students begin to make their choices, usually around the age of about 15. This would hopefully start removing the stigma against foreign languages, and more importantly, open students up to a range of skills such as problem solving that would help them in later life.

Computing would probably not be compulsory. However, it would be a part of the ICT curriculum from the beginning of KS3 (11+). Skills such as programming are useful in everyday activities (I just ran a program to work out the age ranges of various years in the school system) and would also act as a ueful skillbase for other things. Programming very quickly gives you skills of patience, and also the ability to take apart an idea and put it together again in very small pieces.

Together, I think these are two subjects that are dreadfully underused in our society. Both play very important parts in our modern, technological, global world. Both can be used for work and for leisure. And both are worthy of being promoted in our education system.

So there you go. Maybe not quite a law, but certainly a government scheme. I understand that there is a current push to get students to learn some foreign language, and most primary schools now get someone in to teach it. I just want to ensure that this is continued.


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