A Social Update

You may have noticed, if you’ve been following @johz_updates on twitter, that I have recently connected this blog to the new social networking site Empire Avenue.  The idea behind Empire Avenue is that you are given a pot of stocks, and some virtual money.  Then you connect all your networks to the system, and the more you network, the better your stocks do.  And you can buy and sell stocks and shares in other people, purchase outlandish items such as sports cars, and other such traditional stockbroking pastimes.

If you’ve noticed this, and have also been really observant, up to the level of perhaps stalking me, you may also have noticed that there is now a Johz page on Facebook, which has been linked to the Empire Avenue site, and to WordPress.  I would encourage all of you to like the page, if only because it makes me feel special.  Equally, if you like it, then my posts will appear very neatly in your timeline, or whatever you see when you log on to Facebook these days.  Which means less checking of your inbox, as it all ends up in the same place.


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