A New Direction

I’ve decided, and I can hear your gasps even as I write these words, to give up my normal form of blogging. While I’m sure many of you found it faintly amusing, it was at no point edifying, nor was I adding to the very essence of the soul of the human race. Ah, they say brevity is the soul of wit, and I’m going on too much. Please, dear friends, allow me to précis. I have begun to enjoy the noble art of photography more and more in these later years, and thus I am going to re-aim this blog towards a journal of my efforts in this area. I shall most certainly be making use of WordPress’s ‘Galleries’ feature which, as an artist, I am very grateful for. I must of course thank all of the people that have helped me create the photography that I am about to show you, but special thanks should go to those who help me showcase it even now.

What, beloved friends, am I saying? This rambling paragraph is too much like the old me, and I must cast it aside like an unwanted baby! (Note to self – art? Photo. bin, baby in it (where to find baby?) perhaps attach ‘old me’ – ink on paper – t/ baby w/ large pin – or is that too obv.? Must txt Tracy Emin) Onwards, my brother in art, or indeed sister in art (art is the only truly all-encompassing medium of the soul) and let us see what I have brought unto you.

I call this first piece ‘Beginnings‘. I believe it describes perfectly the essence of all of our starts in life, and sums up that urge within us to survive, and not only to survive but to flourish. Really, this work of art is inside us all, and, while in base form it is merely photography, can represent all of our attempts to break out into something new.

Beautiful flowers, made even more beautiful by my thumb covering the lens.

This second image that I wish to show you is a portrait of myself. I call it ‘Self Portrait‘. The title is deliberately obvious, as it encourages the viewer to think of the immediacy and obviousness of the picture. The work itself is derived from a study of art in the world of social media, and it is designed to capture a certain raw freshness of the individual encapsulated in its own world, linked by mere strands to other individuals. I was actually going to the toilet when I took this, which I believe to again represent immediacy.

Me, looking arts-y and post-modern.

This next and final picture has always been a personal favourite of mine, as I took it on an artistic whim. It is named ‘Green fields and a wall‘. It demonstrates life uncaged by the constraints of life, and also alludes Biblically to concepts like the Garden of Eden and the Elysian fields. Conceptually, this is probably the most ‘mainstream’ of my works, although of course artists like myself exist in a plane far beyond mere labels like ‘mainstream’ and ‘indy’.

The rolling hills

As I mentioned to you earlier, this will be the new direction of my blog. I am desperately sorry if you are enslaved by the philistines of this world, and will be turning away from my site in future, but I believe that this new path in my life will be the turning point at which I become a true member of the intellectual elite through sheer dint of my brilliance. Over the coming months and years, I will be posting at least one image each week, if not more. The images that I present to you will be hot off the press, as it were, so please understand if they are not all as perfect as the ones above. However, I am confident that my artistic inspiration – muse, as it were – will keep me satisfied and working for your benefit.


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