An Old Direction

Okay, okay, so I had a bit of fun. I must initially point out that all of those photographs were taken by me, which might begin to explain why they are so truly terrible. Incidentally, that is me in the self-portrait. You never knew I looked so good looking, did you?

Secondly, I must apologise to all the people who arrived at the blog yesterday and were captivated by my artwork. I am not going to continue with this particular vein of artwork. Indeed, unless this semi-coherent twaddle that I am writing currently is art, I shall not be continuing or starting any vein of artwork in the near future. I hope that there is someone else who will satisfy your longing for badly-taken photography, and I would suggest you start with Tumblr.

Thirdly, I will state right now that I am not going to apologise to those who were foolish enough to believe anything that I said yesterday. I am going to stick my tongue out at you. It’s revenge for all those time that Google has conned me. I understand that it doesn’t directly impact Google itself, but, like all good playground bullies, I am taking it out on the lesser members of society, by which I mean you the humble web user. I of course mean myself under normal circumstances, but seeing as I am now acting as webmaster, I shall continue with the tongue-sticking.

Fourthly, I must apologise to those who didn’t believe anything that I said yesterday, because I did say one thing truthful. This blog is going to head down a new direction. Well, sort of. Hopefully, at some point during the summer, this blog will be moving to a different host, and will be leaving for Don’t worry, it shouldn’t affect too much, but I am trying to fiddle around with the logo/colours/theme etc, which should happen over the next few weeks to months. To be honest, ‘new direction’ is a massive exaggeration. Basically, I’m going to change some colours, and maybe add a different picture.

Fifthly, that reminds me to thank A Mean Old Man, who made the original Johz flag/logo. The new designs are generally based on the original colours and ideas, although I’m sad to say that the bulging muscles will be gone. I don’t think AMOM will be making any more flags, so don’t pester him, but I’d just like to use this space to say thank you to him.

Sixthly, I believe I may need to apologise to the Australian visitor(s) to this blog, as I did set the previous blog post to appear at midnight in our time, which I realise would have been midday your time. Equally, to all of my foreign friends for whom the timing of this prank was imperfect I can only apologise for the fact that I live in GMT. Although it is actually BST now.

I think that will be all, in large part because I’ve lost count of which point I’m on. I’m sorry if I’ve said above that I’m sorry, and I’m not sorry if I’ve said above that I’m not sorry.

Actually no, stop that. I’m going to encourage some audience participation. Comment time! Tell us below what your favourite April Fool’s Day online gag has been this year. The best one will win a whole packet of kudos! I know, I’m a cheapskate.


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