Citation Desperately Needed

You may have been directed to this page due to the fact that, to comply with Johz’s strict citation policy, the assertion made is in desperate need of some evidence to back it up. Any evidence. To be honest, if the evidence was merely for the existence of all of the words in the statement, it would help. Even if the evidence was in the form of a Daily Mail article.

No, that’s a lie. Daily Mail articles don’t count, but are enjoyable anyway.

What Johz wants you to do is to help him source this assertion. All you need to do is submit any pieces of evidence you can find. Literally, anything. Hell, if all you want to do is make your own proven assertions, then that’s fine. I can use you as evidence, and then it’s all your fault if it all turns out to be wrong.

What counts as evidence? Well, everything. Pictures are encouraged, as are reasonable articles, as indeed are completely unreasonable arguments. Well rounded sources such as Fox News are especially sought after, as is anything from the Onion. Indeed, some cynical readers may think that, due to the wide range of acceptable sources, this is merely an audience-participation exercise. This counts as legitimate evidence.

How do you submit it? Well, there’s a form at the bottom of this page, or at least there will be once I’ve learned how to use the bastardised form of BBcode that WordPress seem to believe is a legitimate form of shortcoding. That assertion also needs citations, which can be sent in in the form of screenprints of the site with a form at the bottom of this page. All I need is your name, your e-mail address (which I’ve even made optional, because I’m just that desperate for sources) and a description/link/other to your source.

Thank you, dear reader, for your co-operation. Maybe together we can make this website a place where lovers of knowledge can gather together under one roof to know the true value of having correct citations.