You might have noticed that, on the NationStates forums, I’ve been racking up a few quotes that I quite like in my signature.  However, there is a limit to how many quotes one can have stuck under a spoiler.  Not like a car spoiler, but a NS spoiler.  Never mind.  True to my normal habit of refusing to throw anything away, I have decided to put my favourite quotes on here.  Now, if I have a quote that I like, on it goes to my blog, leaving my signature free of clutter and ready to be filled with useful RP information.  Yeah.  RP information.  Watch out Judea, ‘cos I’m coming back with a vengeance!

Anyway, you wanted quotes…

“We live in a world of tweets and twits.
Movies and books I thought were action and adventure are now considered slow, dull, and boring.
If it’s not now, then it’s not.
We live in an abbreviated reality.”
– Meoton

“This is Johz. I’d like to give him a hug someday.” – Celestial Divinities

“Isaac Newton must be turning in his grave. Perpetually.” – Meridiani Planum on perpetual motion.

“The existence of Atheism is God’s Will.” – Lunatic Golfballs

“If this is my last day alive….
Then it’s one hell of a day to die!”
– Editors (Last Day)


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